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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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it's mayor versus sheriff. ed lee has tough words for sheriff ross mirkarimi. >> he represents one of the top offices in law enforcement. this shouldn't happen >> an update on the ethics hearing that will decide whether mirkarimi committed misconduct. and the battle over developing the oakland army base with jobs being the main contention. open city officials are voting on a plan that could bring more than 2,000 new jobs to the city. reggie kumar joins us live from the city council meeting. what's happening? >> reporter: well,
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the vote just came down minutes ago, and the council did approve the oakland army base plan. council member brooks did abstain from voting. she is the only member to do that. the first phase of development will cost more than $480 million. >> reporter: the old army base would be turned into a shipping and distribution facility for the port of oakland. it would create 2,800 construction jobs, and 2,000 operations job. since oakland's unemployment rate stands at 13.7%, they have promised to give residents, especially those living just above or below the poverty line 50% of the construction jobs. and those who have a criminal record will also be considered
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for a position. the army base has been closed since 1999. it was a transfer point for goods and equipment during world war ii through the first iraq war. >> reporter: in order for the city to keep a $242 million state grant, officials must break ground on this project by december, 2013. reggie kumar, kron4 news. and dozens of oakland residents spoke before the city council in favor of this project. some of them are unemployed and so they need a job. >> city council members, this is a golden opportunity, and an historical moment for the city of oakland council to support good jobs for its own citizens. to hear more jobs that are good jobs is very exciting. >> the small businesses that set up job on the oakland army base and port-related activities have been advocating for this day for a long time.
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>> if somebody has paid their debt to society, they shouldn't have to pay it again and again and again. i want to know that the kids in my neighborhood have jobs. >> i'm excited we're finally going to put our community to work. so many of our residents are unemployed and deserve a job that can create a pathway to union construction and warehouse jobs. >> and here's the area that we are talking about in oakland. it's right near the base of the bay bridge. and we have highlighted in blue, there it is, the old army base location. it would be renovated into a shipping area for the port of
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oakland. the rental area, the 366 acress of the army base closed in 1999. this was the scene as ross mirkarimi entered the manager room. mayor ed lee suspended him after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment. he bruised his wife's arm during a new year's eve dispute. this is video of his wife. and that video could be i key piece of evidence here. and that is basically what tonight's hearing was about, determining what evidence can be used to determine whether mirkarimi committed misconduct. the hearing wrapped up about 9:30 tonight. it will continue for another couple days. of the ethics commission will make its recommendation to the board of supervisors, the board will vote and take the vote of 9 of its eleven members to remove mirkarimi. the mayor talked about this again today. he has not changed his opinions. he says he believes that he did
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commit official misconduct during that incident with his wife. >> you know, i think that as one of the top law enforcement officials for the city, he ought not to have engaged in the beating of his wife. that's what it comes to. >> the mayor again said what happened should not have happened. he said he does not have a figure in how much the city spent dealing with this issue. it was a warmer day around the bay area, especially for inland valleys today. high temperatures reached the 90s in a few spots. 91 in pleasanton, 91 in antioch, and fairfield. 87 degrees in concord. the 80s in the south and north bay. and another warm day on tap for temperature. maybe down in half moon bay for a little bit of
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time. slightly warmer tomorrow but a major change coming into the forecast by tuesday. significant cooling is expected. jerry sandusky's wife took the stand today in her husband's sex abuse trial. the former coach has pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting ten boys over a 15 year period. >> reporter: well, the big question is, will jerry sandusky take the stand tomorrow in his own defense? as the trial goes into its final days, his lawyers are not giving way any hints. the drama in the sandusky trial heats up as it is defense is considering putting the former coach on the witness stand. his attorneys reporters to stay tuned. this comes after shocking testimony from sandusky's wife who revealed that children would often stay the night at their home and were given a choice of where they wanted to sleep.
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last week, some of the alleged victims testified that they shept over in the basement -- slept in the basement of the sanduskies home more than 100 times where sandusky raped them and forced them to have oral sex. they are trying to paint the coach as a respected church-going father figure with a wonderful reputation in the community. >> a lot of these kids were crazy about jerry. >> reporter: prosecutors also showed clips from a sandusky interview last year. >> and i didn't go around seeking out everywhere young person for sexual needs that i've helped. there are many that i didn't have -- that i hardly had any contact with. >> reporter: the defense also purt an expert on the stand to -- put an expert on the stand saying that sandusky suffers from a personality disorder. the defense is expected to wrap
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up its case tomorrow. sandusky will likely testify tomorrow or not at all. president obama in mexico at the g20 summit. why he cannot see eye to eye with russia and china. and nintendo showing us its next game consul. interleague time. the as hosting the dodgers. the giants are at the angels. game 4 of the nba championship series. straight ahead. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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the g20 summit has ended with no compromise on how to handle the rising violence in syria. russia and china are seen as obstacles to action against the syrian president. president obama signalled that has not changed. >> i don't think it would be fair to say that the russians
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and the chinese are signed on at this point. i think what is fair to say is that they recognize that the surnt situation is -- current situation is grave and does not serve their interests or the interests of the syrian people. where we agree is that if we can help the syrian people find a path to a resolution, all of us would be better off. >> russia has a lucrative arms trade with syria and has blocked two un security council resolutions that would have meant more sanctions against syria. a cyber war is emerging between the u.s. and iran. the u.s. developed a sophisticated computer virus designed to slow iran's nuclear program, according to a report in the washington post. it is known as flame. it collects intelligence from iranian computers and sends it back for analysis. the information is then used to
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direct more focused cyber attacks on iran's nuclear program. egypt's former president might be near death. hosni mubarak is on-supporter life support. he's being kept a live on machines. he has been serving a life sentence for his role in the killing of protestors last year. and make sure your 4th of july plans include watching kron4 this year. it is our annual celebration. july 4th live. you'll have the best seat in the house to watch fireworks all over the bay. we're the only station bringing you local fireworks live. it all starts at 9:00.
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i got my hands on the new wii-u video game system that comes with this new wireless game pad controller. here's a sneak peek at one of the hottest products of 2012.
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it resembles the original but it's flat and bigger. it features full hd graphics, are the eventuals look cleaner -- the visuals look cleaner and sharper. it comes with this touch screen tablet-like controller. it adds a second screen to your gaming. it gives you new ways to interact with your game. it's also a regular controller itself. it features joystick knobs and buttons. you can walk around the house with request this game pad and -- with this game pad and play your game. depending on the game, you will use the controller in a different way. in this game, the way you shoot arrows is with the touch screen. your tv screen and the controller are in synch here for game play. and if the enemy gets too close, the characters jump off the big screen and leap over to the
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small screen. then you have to stop them by hitting them with your fingers. the controller is displaying a map to the game. super mario brothers incorporates the pad in a unique way. four people are playing, one people has the pad. this person is like the overlord of the game. the operator can make the game easier or harder for players by placing blocks in their path. depending how the blocks are placed, they can assist the other players or make it so hard that they fail. in this game, four people are running from an invisible ghost. using their flashlights they can reveal and kill the ghost. at the same time, the ghost is hunting them down. the ghost is actually the player using the game pad controller. so the pat offers new types of game play. this could be cool when you have 3-5 people to play a game. the console is expected to come out this fall.
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we don't have a release date yet. facebook is letting app developers charge subscription fees along with existing 1-time payments for games and other apps on the sites. the feature will be available in july, and those changes open up a few revenue stream for developers as well as for facebook because it takings a 30% cut. payments for virtual items, things like chips on zinga poker, accounted for 17% of facebook's revenue in the first quarter. california is by far the worst state in the country for car theft according to the national insurance crime bureau. mostly in central california. fresno takes the no. 1 spot, but three bay area communities also made the top 20. the san francisco fremont area game in
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at no. 6, vallejo/fairfield, no. 9. and santa clara rounds out the top 20. car and truck thefts nationwide did fall in 2011 by more than 3% according to the fbi. car thieves steal fewer vehicles today than at any point over the last 2 decades. temperatures remained very mild in certainly portions of the bay area tonight. it's still 77 degrees in antioch, 60 in sunnyvale, 58 in san francisco. in for a warmer night tonight. tomorrow, sunny skies, temperatures stay warm. into thursday, a storm passing to the north is going to cool us significantly. we'll have fog and drizzle in the forecast. it'll be widespread, and temperatures dropping nearly 20 degrees in our inland valleys. it will stay in the 70s inland through the rest of the week and into the weekend. temperatures tomorrow still on
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the warm side. 90 in los gatos. 88 in sunnyvale. 90 degrees in morgan hill. 84 in san jose, 80 in fremont. 90 degrees through much of the inland valleys. 94 in pleasanton, 93 in antioch. 70 for the most part for the east bay shores. 60s close to the coastline. 68 in ocean beach. 72 in san francisco. and 80s throughout the entire north bay. tomorrow one more day of those warmer temperatures before things really cool down. that storm passing to the north is going to increase our sea breeze winds and bring us cooler temperatures and more fog lasting through the rest of the work week, and into the weekend. it'll be fairly widespread keeping temperatures inland well below average in the 70s. the giants take on the angels, while the as host the dodgers. lebron james returns from
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all right, good evening, everybody. miami is one win away from the nba title. lebron james and company trying to put oklahoma city on the ropes. never been a team down three games to one to come pack and win a championship -- back and
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win a championship series. russell westbrook, 43 points, seven rebounds. lebron james goes down. apparently it was a cramp. and lebron would miss much of the last two minutes of this game. but he was back on the floor enough to hit a three-pointer to give miami the lead. mario chalmers did his thing, 24. heat wins it with lebron watching from the sidelines the last couple of minutes. they can close it out and win the title on thursday night. dodgers, interleague play in oakland tonight. hi, matt kemp. over 20,000. kemp will be out until probably the all-star break. seth smith,
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gwynn kicks it around. and brandon mccarthy is real good. 7 innings, 2 hits, did not allow runs. final of 3-0. barry zito torn apart this evening in anaheim. this is one where you scratch your head and say, you know, consider eating the remainder of his contract. he's been lousy. albert pujols hits him for a 3-run homer. 3 and 1/3. 9 hit, 8 runs. uh-oh there it goes . mark trumbo off the top of the wall. zito has allowed 17 runs in his last 14 innings. 12-5 angels win. melky cabrera had 3 more hits. keeps getting worse for
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1-time nfl no. 2 draft pick ryan leafy. they're laying him out there. he's going to go to prison in great falls montana for seven years . but he'll serve less than that. first it's a drug treatment facility is what they're talking about. he pled guilty to breaking into a posses, illegally possessing pain killers. it's been a long, long road since he failed as a quarterback. wayne rooney, the star for england, he had to take on the ukraine. a very controversial call. first it's rooney to give england a 1-0 lead. ukraine has this, we've run this how many times now? it is a goal! look! jacky -- >> she wants to see it again. [ laughter ] >> and there it is. ukraine, it's their job . england hangs on to advance to the quarter finals beating the ukraine on a
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bad call. and bill murray is now in the single a baseball atlantic league hall of time. he owns a team.
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